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Clean & Simple

Honor is dedicated to crafting the best products with only simple, minimal and natural ingredients. You won't find sulfates, parabens or phalates in any of our products. EVER.

Nourishes Skin

This blend was specifically built to optimizing the skin beneath your beard, helping soothe itchiness and beard dandruff, and doing it without leaving your beard shiny or greasy.

softens beard hair

Promotes Growth

The vitamins in this oil blend promote healthy skin which in turn, not only promotes hair growth but also makes sure that the new beard hair strands are thicker and healthier.

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Beard Oil for the Skin Beneath Your Beard

Our light viscosity blend (LW) was specifically built to optimize and nourish the skin beneath your beard without leaving it fealing greasy. Our thicker viscosity beard oil (HW) nourishes the skin beneath but is also the perfect remedy for battling coarse and prickly beard hairs. This blend also has a slower absorption rate that'll last all day.

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