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In the turbulent year of 2020, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, an unanticipated endeavor sprouted in the heart of downtown Boston. The journey began with Chad, whose once neatly trimmed hair and beard had transformed into an unruly mane due to the nationwide lockdown. With local barbershops closed and nowhere to turn for his grooming needs, Chad was faced with an unexpected challenge - self-grooming.

The task of taming his overgrown hair and beard wasn't simple. Remember that in the face of a daunting task, persistence and resourcefulness often yield success. So, Chad turned to the rich and diverse resources available online, including forums and YouTube videos, to master the art of hair and beard trimming. Just like mastering a challenging subject, he spent hours researching, experimenting, and learning how to upkeep his facial hair.

While many people were trying their hand at baking sourdough bread, Chad had a different hobby in mind. His newfound interest in men's grooming sparked a desire to create his own beard oil. The objective was simple yet essential - alleviate the constant beard itch. Again, like in any experiment, it's about trying, testing, and tweaking until you reach the optimal result.

After several months of perfecting a lightweight oil blend, Chad began to share his creation with his bearded friends. His hobby turned into a passion project, leading to the establishment of the Honor Initiative.

While immersing himself in the world of beard care, Chad came across a resonating theme. Many men, including Chad himself, were struggling with mental health issues in the wake of the pandemic. Moved by the stories he read and shared, Chad decided to integrate a socially responsible aspect into his budding business. He committed to donating 5% of all revenue to initiatives supporting men's mental health. Just like the importance of incorporating service learning into education, Chad understood the power of integrating purpose into his passion.

Today, Honor Initiative isn't just a men's grooming company - it's a symbol of resilience, ingenuity, and a commitment to supporting men's mental health, one bottle of beard oil at a time.


Chad Duval | Chief Executive Officer

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Holly Duval | Chief Operations Officer

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Marisa Downs | Director, Brand Communications

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The founders, chad and holly


Emerging from challenges, we are the champions of resilience, creativity, and men's welfare globally. Our mission is to develop exceptional grooming products and cultivate a robust community of enthusiasts through our blog and active forum. Our vision is not limited to just products and community though; we fervently support men's mental health, committing a part of our revenue to this crucial cause. We're not merely a company, but a movement, touching lives one beard, conversation, and contribution at a time.


We invite you to join the Honor Initiative community, a platform where individuals can learn, share, and grow together. Participate in our dynamic forums, read and contribute to our informative blog, and follow our journey on Instagram @honorinitiative. Become part of a supportive network of beard enthusiasts and mental health advocates. By joining our movement, you're not just signing up for superior grooming solutions, you're choosing to be part of a dialogue that matters - about grooming, self-care, and mental well-being. Let's connect, converse, and contribute to a more robust and inclusive understanding of men's health. So why wait? Join the Honor Initiative today - because together, we can shape a happier, healthier, and fuzzier world!


Committed to only sourcing ingredients & crafting our products in the USA (Texas)


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Learn more about our impact and how five percent of your purchase is used to fund trackable men's mental health projects utilizing your product's unique Impact ID®.