American-Made Products With Purpose.

Who We Are.

What started as a passion project in the midst of a global pandemic, quickly became a tunnel visioned goal. Let's be honest, 2020 was a rough year. Being filled with uncertainty and change, people were thrown out of their comfort zones and stuck in their homes. I was in the throes of it. Bringing my fast-paced lifestyle to a stand still took a toll on my mental health as I know it did many others. But it wasn't all bad! A lot of people picked up hobbies that they never had time for before. Maybe they learned a new skill or just tried something new. "Where's he goin' with this?" Friends, we have arrived. I myself, was a little less ambitious. As an at-the-time 34-year old man, I had never been able to successfully grow a beard. So I figured, no time like a pandemic to embarrass my wife from the comfort of our home, and thus, the journey had begun.

Knowing that I clearly had no idea what I was doing (judging by my 34 years of lack of experience) I took to the internet for tips and tricks. I started reading through forums and what I found was a community of men all growing beards and all really supporting one another. A major theme I came across was how important men's mental health was to these individuals and it got me thinking. Not only do I want to grow a kick-ass beard, but if I can figure that out, help others do the same and help raise awareness and break the stigma of men's mental health, then that's exactly what I want to do. I brought my wife up to speed, and thus the Honor Initiative team was born.

Meet The Team.

Chad Duval | Chief Executive Officer

Probably looking at real estate.

Holly Duval | Chief Operations Officer

Probably cozied up with a good book.

Marisa Downs | Director, Brand Communications

Probably making sarcastic jokes at inappropriate times.

What We Do.

Short and sweet, we are a husband and wife duo who make high quality, locally sourced, small batch beard products and we raise money and awareness for men's mental health. A portion of our proceeds go to handpicked organizations that represent our goals, values, and mission. We make grooming products and we make a difference.

Why We Do It.

Everyone has struggled with something in their life. Whether it's learning to tie your shoes or ride a bike or grow a beard, we know that everyone has their own trials and tribulations on this crazy adventure we call life. Sometimes the world feels really heavy and our goal is truly to expand a community of individuals to make sure everyone knows they are not alone. We're here to provide quality beard products to our bearded brothers and make a positive impact. By bringing to light the importance of mental health specifically for men, we hope to make someone's world a brighter place.

Your bearded friend,
Chad, CEO & Founder

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