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A Few Contest Details.

We use a fair random winner picker called RafflePress. The winner will be announced to our community through our email list during the first week of the month. The winning person will be contacted directly via email a few days after to coordinate delivery. Shipping and all fees are on us. Good luck!

Submit your email address, receive 1 entry. Following us on Instagram, receive 3 additional entries. Place an order, receive 5 more entries.

Our Past Winners.

May 2022: Justin Bilicki

June 2022: Audry Bannister

July 2022: Larry Anderson
August 2022: Mike Bowman

September 2022: Josh Fowler
October 2022: Benjamin Suarez II
November 2022: Giovanni Luevano
December 2022: Rob Sinninger
January 2023: Thomas Barron
February 2023: Christopher Rodgers
March 2023: Ron Harris Sr.
April 2023: Freddy Ramey
May 2023: Christian Allen
June 2023: William Marquardt
July 2023: Steven Kline
August 2023: Brian Wurtz
September 2023: John Miller
October 2023: Kenneth Colvin
November 2023: Kaycee Barnett
December 2023: Ron West
January 2024: Scott Hamilton
February 2024: Christina George
March 2024: Larry Gauthier
April 2024: Charles Mccain
May TBD (will be drawn first week of June)