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GENTLEMEN'S RESERVE | Oud, Smoke, Cedarwood, Bourbon

Introducing the "Gentleman's Reserve"- the aroma that will make you feel like a distinguished man of the world, without sacrificing any of your rugged masculinity.

This magical fragrance is crafted with the finest ingredients known to mankind: Oud, the most expensive wood in the world, providing a touch of sophistication that only the truly refined can appreciate. Smoke, to remind you of those nights spent camping in the great outdoors. Cedarwood, with its rich, woody aroma, gives your beard a sense of depth and complexity; and Bourbon, because let's be real, everything is better with a splash of the good stuff.

So go ahead, indulge in the finer things in life. With the "Gentleman's Reserve" you'll have the scent of a man who knows how to live the high life, without ever losing touch with his rugged roots. 

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