Beard Oil, Beard Balm and Beard Butter. The Differences.
Ah, the age-old questions: What's the difference between Beard Oil, Beard Balm and Beard Butter? Well, buckle up folks because we're about to take you on a journey through the world of facial hair grooming products. First up, we have beard...
Honor Initiative - Beard Oil Review!
"It says a lightweight blend but I would consider a medium-light." - Dan C Bearded
New Scents - Honor Beard Butter!

"There packaging, this is so classy!" - Sam C Bearded

"Dapper, it smells like a sexy cologne" - Sam C Bearded

"Daily Grind, I think it smells good. It's sweet, not like a black coffee." - Dan & Sam C

"Vessel, that's a great bedtime scent."

Honor Beard Butter - 4 New Scents That Rock!
"Dapper, this straight up smells like an awesome cologne. This is a date night scent for sure." "Vanilla Sky, right off the bat you get the vanilla... it's like a rich vanilla though... this isn't your simple and basic vanilla...
Honor Lightweight Beard Oil Review
"I'll go out on a limb and say these guys are probably the best new company I've tried so far in 2021." - Matt @ No BS Beard Reviews
Honor's 4 New Scents! Vanilla Sky, Dapper, Vessel & Daily Grind!
"One of things I've said about this company in the past... I wish they had more complex scents... and these are definitely more complex than some of the other scent profiles that the company started with!" - Josh @ Embrace the Beard Life
Honor Initiative Lightweight Beard Oil Review!
"This is fantastic! It's clear to me that the owner is using high-quality ingredients in his beard oils. I think he's done a really good job overall with his company." Josh @ Embrace the Beard Life
Honor Thick Beard Oil Review!
"It's a solid, good, heavy/think oil and I appreciate that. It's very nice." Josh @ Embrace the Beard Life
HONOR Beard Oil Review and GIVEAWAY!
"It's lightweight, I would say light-to-medium, right there in the happy middle as far as viscosity is concerned. No complaints with the beard oil... Felt great in beard and did everything I wanted it to do." Brandon @ All Things Bearded
Honor Initiative | Beard Oil Review | BLUEGRASS BEARDED
"All three of these oils performed really well. My beard felt great all day long and it didn't dry out." - Ken @ Bluegrass bearded
Honor Initiative | Heavyweight Oils Review
"I've had nothing but good experiences with this oil" - Ken @ Bluegrass Bearded
Honor Initiative | NEW SCENTS REVIEW | Beard Butter
"This is sophisticated and classy and a great date night scent" - Ken from Bluegrass Bearded
Beard Butter Review ● Bluegrass Bearded

"Very well done! Very good butters. I've enjoyed using these butters" - Ken from Bluegrass Bearded

Beard Butter Review ● Embrace the Beard Life

"This company has nailed the texture of the beard butter and absolutely love it! It's super, super smooth and to me that means they've invested a lot of time and effort into getting their beard butter smooth on purpose." - Embrace the Beard Life

Beard Butter Reviews ● All Things Bearded

"It was so good, I'll definitely keep it in my bathroom where I keep the stuff I use the most. It'll definitely be on one of those shelves for daily use." - All Things Bearded

Beard Butter Review ● No BS Beard Reviews

"When I update my Top 10 Beard Butters, for sure we're going to see Honor in there." - Matt from No BS Beard Reviews


"This butter is absolutely fantastic! It fits my preference for a butter to a tee." - Dan C. Bearded