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Top 10 Best Beard Trimmer Picks: A Buyer’s Guide

Forget the patchy, uneven beard struggles!

The secret to achieving your beard goals lies in having the right tool. The best beard trimmer lets you effortlessly sculpt sharp lines, create smooth fades, and maintain your ideal length.

Ready to discover the perfect trimmer for you?

The Best Beard Trimmers at a Glance: 

  • Best Beard Trimmer for Head-to-Toe Styling
  • Best Beard Trimmer Overall - Editor's Choice
  • Best Beard Trimmer for Value
  • Best Beard Trimmer for Unmatched Performance
  • Best Beard Trimmer for Precision Overall
  • Best Beard Trimmer for Beginners
  • Best Beard Trimmer for Fades
  • Best Beard Trimmer for Fuss-Free Trimming
  • Best Beard Trimmer for Defining Sharp Lines
  • Best Beard Trimmer for Combating Irritation
  • Get the Perfect Beard: Choosing the Right Trimmer
  • Sharp Blades, Smooth Trims: Easy Trimmer Care Guide
  • Final Thoughts
  • We've done the work, testing top-rated models to bring you our top pick of the best beard trimmers on the market. Whether you need a beginner-friendly option or the ultimate precision powerhouse, our guide will help you find the right fit for your style and budget.

    Let's get started – your perfect beard awaits!

    Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 7000: Best Beard Trimmer for Head-to-Toe Styling

    Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 7000

    The Philips Norelco 7000 is a true powerhouse in the grooming world. With a massive 23 attachments, it tackles everything from precise beard styling to haircuts, body trimming, and even nose and ear hair.

    At its core are self-sharpening DualCut steel blades designed for maximum precision and longevity, while its durable frame and non-slip rubber offer a comfortable grip.

    It is powered by a long-lasting Lithium-ion battery delivering up to 5 hours of cordless use. Conveniently, all attachments are washable for quick and easy cleanup.

    The Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 7000 is fantastic for:

    ●      Men seeking a single device to manage all their various facial hair and body hair grooming needs.

    ●      Anyone who desires consistently great trimming performance and durable build quality.

    ●      Frequent travelers who need a well-organized grooming kit on the go. 



    Unmatched versatility for head-to-toe grooming

    Higher price point due to features

    Smooth, consistent performance

    Could be overwhelming for those seeking a basic trimmer

    Durable, long-lasting construction


    Up to 5 hours of runtime on a single charge


    Price: $64.96

    Promising Review (60k+ Total): “I’ve had this product for a few months now, and I am thoroughly enjoying it. The quality is solid, and it feels durable. I primarily use a couple of the heads/guards for trimming my hair and beard, and they perform exceptionally well. They are powerful, sharp, and provide clean cuts. One of the standout features is its long-lasting battery life. I rarely need to recharge it because I can get multiple trims from a single charge. This makes it incredibly convenient for weekend trips, as I don't have to worry about bringing a charger along.”- Ryan C.

    Overall: The Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 7000 is a top-tier choice for its all-in-one capability, high performance, and long-lasting reliability. If you seek the very best in versatility and are willing to invest, this trimmer won't disappoint.

    Beardscape Brio Beard and Hair Trimmer: Editor's Choice Best Beard Trimmer

    Beardscape Brio Beard and Hair TrimmerThe Beardscape Brio Beard and Hair Trimmer provides a smoother, more powerful trim thanks to its unique design.

    Foremost is its 4x harder ceramic blade for smoother, sharper cuts with reduced heat. It adapts motor speed automatically based on hair density, ensuring consistent cutting power regardless of beard thickness.

    A wide range of length settings (1mm-19mm) and included guide combs make it suitable for both stubble and longer styles. The Brio offers cordless convenience with a long-lasting battery and waterproof construction for wet/dry use.

    The Beardscape Brio is great for:

    ●      Men seeking a premium grooming device that prioritizes durability.

    ●      Those frustrated by inconsistent cuts, snags, or trimmers struggle with thicker hair.

    ●      Anyone desiring the convenience of waterproof trimming and simple cleanup. 



    Durable, long-lasting ceramic blade

    Bulkier than some beard-only trimmers

    Smooth trims, less irritation

    Not ideal for ultra-fine detailing

    Waterproof and versatile trimmer head


    Price: $114.95

    Promising Review (2k+ Total): “I’ve gone through god knows how many trimmers. All I wanted was even stubble on my face, in one pass, no hassle and quick. For the last three years I could never find one—they’re all weak, uneven, disappointing. This is amazing! Smooth, even stubble, in one pass. I’m done in five minutes! I’m trimming more than ever. And it’s powerful with great battery life. Save the hundreds on various crappy trimmers and just start and end with this one. You won’t need another.”- Billy E.

    Overall: The Beardscape Brio Beard, Hair and Body Trimmer delivers power, precision, and versatility in one sleek package. For those who prioritize a premium grooming experience and seek a robust head trimmer for managing both head and body hair, the Brio presents itself as an enticing investment.

    Wahl Stainless Steel Lithium Ion+ Beard & Nose Trimmer: Best Beard Trimmer for Value

    Wahl Stainless Steel Lithium Ion+ Beard & Nose TrimmerThe Wahl Stainless Steel Lithium Ion+ stands apart with its robust stainless steel build. Featuring Wahl's signature precision blades, it promises long-lasting sharpness and the ability to achieve clean lines effortlessly.

    Powered by advanced lithium-ion technology, this trimmer delivers extended cordless usage for convenient grooming.

    Alongside its main beard trimmer, it includes various attachments and trimmer guards for the nose, ears, and other detailing work.

    The Wahl Beard and Nose Trimmer are ideal for:

    ●      Men who appreciate the durability and sleek style of stainless steel.

    ●      Those seeking reliable power and precision for all their beard-grooming needs.

    ●      Users who want flexibility with a multi-purpose trimmer for beard, nose, and ear hair. 



    Impressive power-to-weight ratio

    "Zero Gap" Limitations

    Powerful lithium-ion battery for extended use

    Lacks a detailed battery life display

    Beginner-Friendly trimmer heads


    Doesn't require frequent sharpening or replacement


    Has a nose and ear trimmer for full body trimming

    Price: $89.99

    Promising Review (5k+ Total): “I purchased a cheap brand from Amazon at first and I couldn’t even trim my beard because it was so painful. I returned that pair and decided to spend a few extra buckaroos on this Wahl. These trimmers feel heavy duty, twice as heavy as the cheap pair. All the attachments are easy to use and work fantastic. Very happy with my purchase.”- Spencer R.

    Overall: For men who want a dependable beard, nose and head trimmer without fancy bells and whistles, the Wahl Stainless Steel Lithium Ion+ gets the job done with its powerful motor and durable design.

    Panasonic MultiShape: Best Beard Trimmer for Unmatched Performance

    Panasonic MultiShapeThe Panasonic MultiShape redefines grooming with its modular design. At its heart lies advanced Japanese blade technology, engineered for exceptional sharpness and a super-close shave that rivals an electric shaver. It goes beyond many trimmers with wet/dry capabilities for shower use or easy cleanup.

    The comfortable, ergonomic design and cordless operation offer maximum maneuverability. Beyond basic beard trimming, various attachments (sold separately) unlock its potential for hair, body, and other specialized grooming needs.

    The Panasonic MultiShape is a dream for:

    ●      Those looking for the smoothness and irritation-free results of Japanese blade technology.

    ●      Anyone who prefers wet shaving or values the convenience of in-shower trimming.

    ●      Users who want the flexibility to expand their grooming routine with specialized attachments over time.



    Lightweight design for easy maneuverability

    Motor less powerful than heavy-duty trimmers and trimmer heads

    Travel lock prevents accidental activation


    Compatibility with disposable razors


    Potential for extensive customization with optional attachments


    Price: $79.99

    Promising Review (200+ Total): “I needed something reasonably priced to trim my beard daily. This works great, has many attachments and seems very sturdy so far. You can buy with confidence.”- Scott W.

    Overall: The Panasonic MultiShape focuses on delivering unrivaled closeness, smooth trims, and a luxurious grooming experience. Its modular design allows you to choose only the attachments you truly need. If you appreciate top-of-the-line quality and adaptability, the Panasonic MultiShape is worth serious consideration. 

    Braun Beard Trimmer BT7240: Best Beard Trimmer for Precision Overall

    Braun Beard Trimmer BT7240The Braun Beard Trimmer BT7240 stands out with its precision dial for adjustable length, offering impressive 39-length settings for ultimate control over your beard style.

    It boasts Lifetime Sharp Metal Blades for consistent trimming performance over time, complemented by the included Gillette Fusion5 ProGlide razor blades for detailed work.

    Braun's AutoSensing Technology adapts motor power to maintain smooth performance on any beard thickness.

    For even more versatility, the Braun Beard Trimmer BT7240 is compatible with Braun electric razors allowing you to effortlessly switch between trimming and a clean shave.

    The Braun Beard Trimmer BT7240 is a great fit for:

    ●      Men who want fine-tuned control over their beard length and style.

    ●      Those desiring a trimmer that effortlessly handles varying hair densities.

    ●      Anyone seeking the clean-shaven look on their cheeks and neck with the included razor.

    ●      Users who value the peace of mind provided by durable blades. 



    Adaptive motor technology for smooth performance

    May lack specialized attachments for nose/ear hair

    A wider range of length settings with its precision dial

    Not designed for full-body trimming

    Lifetime Sharp Blades for low-maintenance use


    Includes Gillette razor for detailed work


    Price: $69.94

    Thorough Review (2k+ Total): “I bought three different beard adjustable trimmers. Just had to narrow down a few choices and hold them and try the ergonomics out. Panasonic (ER-SB40-K) was twice as expensive as this Braun, the another Panasonic was half the cost of this Braun. So, price wise it's right in the middle.

    -Overall it's a good size, somewhat on the smaller side, which I like. Easier to maneuver and won't easily drop out of hand.
    -Power is good. Nice that it works cordless or corded.
    -It's great looking, it unsurprisingly won style awards (German).
    -The adjustment dial doesn't move too easily, good detents, it stays at the length you want.
    -Blades are sharp and powers thru thick hair
    -Doesn't pull hair, like the more expensive trimmer does.
    -Low noise. The least noisy of the three.
    -Handle feels really good and solid, good surface texture, and doesn't feel cheap.
    -Doesn't have gimmicky lights & stuff on it.
    -Includes all accessories I need for beard styling and haircut.
    -Li-on battery charges in one hour. And it powers for an hour.

    -This model is $20+ more expensive than Braun's model without one of the trimmer heads and a stand. That seems a bit much. But hey I wanted those things.
    -I wish it had a pop-up trimmer like my old skool panasonic did.

    I kept the Braun BT7240. I've had it a few weeks, and it's been performing great. I recommend it highly!”- Andrew L.

    Overall: The Braun Beard Trimmer BT7240 stands out for its precision, adaptability, and long-term usability. If you prioritize meticulous beard styling and desire a powerful, reliable tool to achieve your grooming goals, this trimmer is an excellent choice.

    Hatteker Beard Trimmer Kit for Men: Best Beard Trimmer for Beginners

    Hatteker Beard Trimmer KitThe Hatteker Beard Trimmer Kit for Men delivers both functionality and affordability. It includes a variety of attachment combs to cover a range of beard lengths and styles, along with an ear hair trimmer and body hair trimmer attachment for precise grooming.

    The self-sharpening stainless steel blades offer reliable cutting performance. This trimmer stands out with its IPX7 waterproof rating, meaning it's fully washable for effortless cleaning. Additionally, the LED display indicates battery status and charging.

    The Hatteker Beard Trimmer Kit is an excellent choice for:

    ●      Men seeking a capable, all-around beard trimmer with no-frills functionality.

    ●      Budget-conscious individuals who want an all-in-one grooming kit without breaking the bank.

    ●      Anyone who prioritizes easy maintenance and the convenience of thorough waterproof cleaning. 



    Great value for the price

    May not offer the most nuanced length settings

    Versatile attachments for your beard grooming basics

    Might lack the premium feel of higher-end brands

    Waterproof construction for easy upkeep


    Convenient LED display for battery awareness


    Price: $36.99

    Promising Review (14k+ Total): “I bought this trimmer to replace an older version from the same company that I thought had died. The new version is head and shoulders better than the old version. It has a longer battery life, but most important is the improvement to the adjustable guard. The new trimmer comes with two adjustable guards, one like the old trimmer and the other a guard which slides over the outside of the cutting head. I hated the adjustable guard that came with the old trimmer because I had to hold pressure on it with my thumb to keep it from falling off. The new sliding guard works great. Another plus to the new guard is my whiskers no longer get caught in the guard. Now I look forward to my weekly beard trim!”- Charles S.

    Overall: The Hatteker Beard Trimmer Kit for Men emphasizes straightforward beard maintenance at an accessible price point.

    Wahl Cordless Magic Clip: Best Beard Trimmer for Fades

    Wahl Cordless Magic ClipThe Wahl Cordless Magic Clip enjoys a legendary status among barbers and hairstylists. Renowned for its high-precision stagger-tooth blade, it excels at creating seamless blends and fades. Packed with a powerful motor, it handles thicker hair with ease.

    The Wahl Cordless Magic Clip offers both corded and cordless operation, letting you switch modes as needed. Its lithium-ion battery delivers reliable long-lasting power. Premium guide combs ensure smooth and even cuts, all in a lightweight design for comfortable handling.

    The Wahl Cordless Magic Clip is perfect for:

    ●      Men with thick or textured hair need a high-powered trimmer.

    ●      Those who want the flexibility of cordless grooming without sacrificing power.

    ●      Anyone seeking the exceptional fading and blending capabilities these hair clippers are known for.



    Precision stagger-tooth blade for flawless fades

    May be larger/heavier than some consumer-focused trimmers

    Powerful motor cuts through any hair type


    Cordless and corded operation for flexibility


    Premium craftsmanship and reliable performance


    Price: $115.00

    Promising Review (19k+ Total): “Not a trained professional but I've cut hair since I was 13, and I've got friends in the industry that say better than professionals they know. The only downside was I always felt like it took too long to get my fades smooth, but after using these after a lifetime of Wahls off the shelf, I can confidently say it was a hardware issue and not a skill issue XD. Light weight but powerful, great battery life, comfortable. I couldn't be happier.”- Cletus P.

    Overall: The Wahl Cordless Magic Clip is a true workhorse in the grooming world. Ideal for those with thick beard hair, it delivers a smooth cutting experience that leaves you in control.

    Remington Smart Beard Trimmer MB4700: Best Beard Trimmer for Fuss-Free Trimming

    Remington Smart Beard Trimmer MB4700The Remington Smart Beard Trimmer centers around innovation and convenience. Its defining feature is a motorized comb offering up to 175 length settings in precise 0.1mm increments.

    The "memory" functionality saves your previous beard hair length setting, automatically restoring it when you power on the trimmer. Its lithium-ion battery provides ample cordless use, and the digital touch screen delivers intuitive control.

    The Remington Smart Beard Trimmer MB4700 is ideal for:

    ●      Men who desire personalized, exact beard lengths, and want to replicate them effortlessly.

    ●      Anyone frustrated by needing to remember or experiment with manual length settings.

    ●      Tech-savvy users who appreciate the convenience of the touchscreen interface.



    Unparalleled precision

    May be overkill if you don't need minute adjustments

    Accurate Memory function


    Digital touch screen adds sophistication


    Reliable cordless operation


    Price: $63.99

    Promising Review (4k+ Total): “I picked one of these up just to keep a 5 o'clock shadow as my wife/kids were not digging the full beard look. Lots of choices out there, but I chose Remington because of a very good experience with them. I also have their vacuum trimmer which works quite well as a body hair trimmer. After 2 years the vacuum trimmer stopped charging, I emailed Remington and the very next day, no questions asked, they mailed me a brand new vacuum trimmer. They didn't ask for the old one back or even ask for proof that I disposed of it, which would have been reasonable. In this day and age where companies seem to disappear the minute you have issues with a product I was extremely impressed with Remington's customer service.

    Anyway back to this trimmer, I really like the memory feature so it's always on 0.8 and I don't have to adjust anything. The cutting itself is great, but you have to make sure the head is completely flat which is a bit of a challenge on the jaw angles. You do have to have multiple passes with this one, I'd say several passes in both grain directions, but this is quick and a full shave takes me maybe 5-10 minutes at the most. It cuts very evenly as long as you keep the head flat and the battery easily lasts as long as I need it to. It even cuts unevenly if that's what you want, sometimes I want my chin/lip to be a bit longer than my jaw and it's adjustable enough to accomplish this and blend it well.

    The only wishlist request is a way to handle side burns as you can't get a nice line separating them from your beard without actually cutting the beard all the way right under the sideburn. I'm sure there is a better way but I haven't figured it out yet. 2nd wishlist item, I don't really like the mini-USB power connector, it's hard to tell which was is up and if it's properly connected.

    But overall a great little trimmer backed by very good customer service.”- Time C.

    Overall: The Remington Smart Beard Trimmer MB4700 prioritizes tailored grooming experiences. If you want to fine-tune your beard length down to the smallest detail and avoid the guesswork, this model delivers a compelling feature set.

    Andis Slimline Pro Li: Best Beard Trimmer for Defining Sharp Lines

    Andis Slimline Pro LiThe Andis Slimline Pro Li is recognized as a decent trimmer, distinguishing itself with its sleek, lightweight, and ergonomic design, providing perfect balance for excellent control during use.

    This cordless trimmer packs professional-level power into a compact, maneuverable form. Its close-cutting T-blade excels at sharp lines, intricate detailing, and tackling hard-to-reach areas around the neckline and ears.

    Powered by a lithium-ion battery, it delivers dependable run time, perfect for frequent and longer use.

    The Andis Slimline Pro Li is favored by:

    ●      Professional barbers and stylists demand a nimble trimmer for precision outlining and design work.

    ●      Men who prefer a compact and highly maneuverable trimmer for tackling detail areas.

    ●      Anyone desiring the smooth cuts and close trims associated with T-blade technology. 



    Sleek and lightweight for excellent control

    May not include as many length adjustment guards as general beard trimmers

    Powerful performance in a compact design


    Close-cutting T-blade for precision detailing


    Long-lasting battery for cordless convenience


    Price: $69.95

    Promising Review (300+ Total): “These trimmers rip! They stay charged for a long time!”- Ben D.

    Overall: The Andis Slimline Pro Li delivers precision trimming and impressive power in a compact, lightweight design. It's a fantastic choice for detailed work, edging, and quick touch-ups at home or on the go.

    Bevel Trimmer: Best Beard Trimmer for Combating Irritation

    Bevel TrimmerThe Bevel Trimmer stands out by being specifically designed to address challenges faced by men with coarse and curly hair. Its powerful motor and uniquely shaped blades help reduce razor bumps and ingrown hairs.

    Unlike many trimmers, it features a zero-gap adjustment dial, giving you the option for an ultra-close trim. The cordless design offers maximum maneuverability and convenience.

    The Bevel Trimmer is an excellent solution for:

    ●      Anyone seeking the option of a close, irritation-free skin fade.

    ●      Users who appreciate sleek, modern aesthetics in their grooming tools. 



    Ergonomic design, balanced weight, non-slip texture

    May require learning its optimal use for best results

    Zero-gap dial for customizable closeness


    Powerful motor for smooth cutting on textured hair


    Aesthetically pleasing design


    Price: $199.95

    Promising Review (2k+ Total): “Got this for my husband and below is his review of the Product with pics attached.

    Justifies its ‘top of the line’ tag line - quite literally!!

    The trimmer has solid grip and does real good job for close stubble/beard trimming. Surely it’s made to do lot more than this and is a very desirable barber tool.

    Square blade that comes along is big enough and feels right sized for the job (could be subjective). You need more closer shave, no problem you can just take off the blade and adjust small dial towards right to get to zero gap. Blade snaps on very easily...

    Don’t see any real cons other than the price, but if you are in for spending this much, you surely won’t be disappointed. Hope they will at some point start selling beard extensions separately.”- P.B.

    Overall: The Bevel Trimmer delivers a grooming experience tailored to minimizing discomfort. For those desiring a close shave without the irritation and hassle, its powerful motor and ergonomic design make a significant difference.

    Get the Perfect Beard: Choosing the Right Trimmer

    Understanding Your Beard Goals

    ●      Length & Style: How long do you wear your beard? Do you desire intricate shaping or simple maintenance? Short stubbles need fewer length settings, while complex styles demand high adjustability.

    ●      Hair Type: Thick, coarse hair will need a more powerful motor than fine hair. Trimmers like the Bevel address irritation prone to coarser hair specifically.

    ●      Skin Sensitivity: If you struggle with razor bumps or discomfort, prioritize beard trimmers designed to reduce these problems. Look for features like close blades for irritation-free trimming.

    Features That Matter

    ●      Attachments: Determine the necessity of nose, ear, or body hair trimmers alongside your beard tools. Consider all-in-ones like the Philips Norelco Multigroom 7000 versus beard-focused kits.

    ●      Blade Quality: Stainless steel is standard, but ceramic (like on the Brio Beardscape) can offer a smoother trim. Self-sharpening blades prolong your trimmer's life.

    ●      Power: Think about the density of your beard. Thicker textures demand high-powered motors found on models like the Wahl Cordless Magic Clip.

    ●      Corded vs. Cordless: Cordless offers more freedom of movement but check the battery life. If you opt for corded, ensure the cord length is adequate for your space.

    ●      Wet/Dry Capability: If you prefer in-shower trims or easy cleanup, prioritize a waterproof model like the Panasonic MultiShape.

    ●      Ease of Use: Consider whether you need precise length settings (Remington Smart Beard Trimmer), an ergonomic design, or an intuitive interface.

    Additional Considerations

    ●      Budget: The best beard trimmers vary widely in price. Set a realistic budget before you start comparing features.

    ●      Brand Reputation: Research brands like Philips, Wahl, and Braun for known quality and support.

    ●      Reviews: Explore user reviews, paying attention to experiences like your hair type and style preferences.

    Making the Final Decision

    Ideally, try out a trimmer in person to get a feel for its weight, balance, and handling. If that's not possible, here's a helpful decision process:

    1. Set Your Non-Negotiables: MUST it be budget-friendly or have certain attachments? Decide your deal breakers.

    2. Prioritize Key Features: Determine whether power, adjustability, or a smooth cut is a top priority.

    3. Balance With Secondary Features: Wet/dry functionality, special design details...add these factors after your core needs are met.

    Don't Forget Maintenance

    Even the best trimmer requires upkeep. Invest in beard oil for your skin and beard, and regularly clean and oil your trimmer blades. This will ensure its longevity and a great result every time.

    Sharp Blades, Smooth Trims: Easy Trimmer Care Guide

    Cleaning Basics

    ●      Brush Away Hair: After each use, use a cleaning brush (often included) to remove loose hairs from the blades and guards.

    ●      Rinse or Wash: For dry-only trimmers, rinsing the blades under water may suffice. Waterproof trimmers can be completely washed.

    ●      Air Dry: Always allow your trimmer to air dry completely before storing or reattaching guards.

    Oiling is Key

    ●      Regular Lubrication: A few drops of beard trimmer oil on the blades before or after use will keep them running smoothly and reduce friction.

    ●      Follow Instructions: Refer to your trimmer's manual for any specific oiling recommendations or lubrication points.

    Other Important Factors

    ●      Blade Care: Avoid dropping your trimmer or using it on anything tough that could damage the blades.

    ●      Battery Maintenance: For cordless trimmers, fully charge and occasionally completely discharge the battery to optimize its lifespan.

    ●      Storage: Store your trimmer in a clean, dry place. A bag or case helps protect it from dust and damage.

    Final Thoughts

    Don't let another day go by struggling with a subpar beard trimmer. We've explored the features that matter, from precision blades and powerful motors to convenient cordless designs.

    Remember, finding the perfect trimmer is all about matching your unique style and needs. Whether you prioritize crisp lines, easy cleanup, or all-around versatility, our detailed reviews have something for everyone.

    Now's the time to take action and upgrade your grooming game. Invest in the right trimmer and discover the satisfaction of a flawlessly groomed beard!

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