Three Steps to Eliminate Your Beard Dandruff (Beardruff)

Three Steps to Eliminate Your Beard Dandruff (Beardruff)

Hey guys!
A few weeks back, I had the HONOR and opportunity to chat with about everyone's favorite topic, beard dandruff (okay maybe not everyone's favorite...we're not judging)
Let's get into it! If you're someone who has struggled with ye old "beardruff," you're probably looking for the best way to get rid of and prevent this problem altogether. Well, look no further! Here's a step by step I put together to help combat the 'ruff!
Step One: EXFOLIATE...seriously, this is a must. Exfoliating the skin will prevent your pores from clogging up and removes any dirt, debris, or dry skin that may be lurking. This is done by taking a (Chicago) Comb through the beard and across the skin which promotes blood flow and new cell growth!
Step Two: SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER - your beard's bffs. You're going to want to clean and condish that thang! Although we don't carry any of our own products (yet....) any number of beard shampoo and conditioners will do the trick. We strongly recommend finding a shampoo and conditioner combo that contains Tea Tree oil! This has been made famous by its antimicrobial and antifungal properties. Make sure you're scrubbing both the beard hair as well as your skin to get the best results!
Step Three: HYDRATE! This is arguably the most important step which is to keep your beard hydrated. Shampoos (refer to step two ;)) are designed to strip your beard and face of any oils and toxins so it is absolutely critical that you rehydrate immediately after use! You can use any one of our beard oils to hydrate your skin under your beard. Once this is applied, wait a few minutes, and then lock in the moisture with some beard butter. BONUS TIP: our "Defender" blends work wonders for this because they contain Tea Tree oil which, as stated above, has antimicrobial and antifungal properties. 
FUN FACT: An added benefit of our oils/butters is our use of jojoba oil which has anti-inflammatory benefits AND is great for helping to soothe any itchiness!
Check out the full article ***HERE**** 
Have you tried this remedy? Let us know what you think!

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