Give Happy Honor Days A Test Drive.

Give Happy Honor Days A Test Drive.

Happy Holidays from Honor Initiative
Happy Ho(nor)lidays to you and yours from us and ours! 
As you are all aware, Honor does beards. That's our thing. Beard butters, beard oils, beard combs...see where I'm going with this? Anyway, we wanted to throw out a reminder that we here at Honor Initiative also tackle winter!! We have a variety of tee shirts, beanies, and more with both the classic "Honor" logo and a few pieces making their grand debut with the new and improved "Honor Initiative" in BIG bold letters!! 
Honor products are versatile. They can be the perfect side dish or the main entree! Between our gift bundles and beard products, and variety of apparel, we have something for everyone (but mainly our bearded friends. We're just a little bit biased). Do you have that pal or someone in your life who's looking to try something new going into 2022? New year, new you, new smell...? We'll go with it.
"buT hOw WiLl I ChoOSe a sCEnT?"
Let us provide a smidge of assistance.
If you're shopping for that fancy friend... That "wears a suit when you go to the beach" friend. Maybe even the "showers right after the gym" friend (this is a safe space)...then D A P P E R is the scent for you. Dapper combines the richness of mahogany and dark oak with a bit of lavender for a perfect combination of sultry and sweet. James Bond WHO? James Bond YOU.
If you're shopping for the friends who's always outside... The type of guy who forgot how to tie his shoes since he hasn't worn them in over a decade. The "lies about the number of miles in a hike" friend. Then Repel is the nostril train for you (it also may be what you want to be able to do to this friend sometimes). Repel combines the refreshing aura of eucalyptus with the tang of citronella - which repels insects by the way! This scent is a sniiiiffffffff-aaahhhhhhh contained.
If you're shopping for the friend who can rock plaid and suspenders any day of the week... the guy who considers and consumes light beer as their preferred hydration source. The "flannel friend" then Hatchet is the man for the job. The blend of rosemary, cloves, and fir will get you in the holiday spirit whether you like it or not. Is that a Christmas tree walking through the door? NOPE. It's you. Or your friend.
These are just a few of many options to choose from. If you STILL can't decide then head on over to our sample bar. They'll take good care of ya!
We know that there's a lot of December Beardathon deals to check out, so we appreciate your giving the Happy Honor Days a test drive (I would explain, but we might get sued...anyway). Remember, a portion of our proceeds goes directly to supporting men's mental health. Thank you for supporting small business and a great cause.
Happy Honor Days friends! 

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