Building A Brand Around Giving Back

5% of revenue to men's mental health

We give to organizations that promote better mental health care for men. With your help, our goal is to help 1,000 men by the end of 2023. Not so simple, but we think it's doable.

Every year, we set aside 5% of our revenue to donate to charitable organizations that share our ambition to bring quality mental health care to men everywhere. We do this because, actually, it’s nothing short of an epidemic: Men are disproportionately affected by suicide and addiction. Each of these foundations serves vulnerable populations of men in different ways. More info on this year's organizations:

HEALING THE HIDDEN WOUNDS OF WAR. Headstrong provides cost-free, bureaucracy-free, stigma-free, confidential, and effective mental health treatment for veterans and their families.

A COMMUNITY OF MEN FOR MEN. Founded from their own desire to tap into the collective wisdom of every man, they now support thousands of groups all around the world with men’s wellness.

A NEW ENTERTAINING TAKE ON THERAPY: Part of a multi- agency effort, Man Therapy® is giving men a resource they desperately need. A resource to help them with any problem that life sends their way, something to set them straight on the realities of suicide and mental health, and in the end, a tool to help put a stop to the suicide deaths of so many of our men.

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