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NO 60 ■ Pineapple, Citrus & Sage
Picture this! You hop off a plane for your tropical vacation. You enter your hotel room and you're greeted by the crisp, fresh air and a bowl of assorted fruit. Is this paradise? You come back to reality. You're cuddling your Sixty beard products, and no one is judging you..not too much anyway. No 60 got its name from the max height of the pineapple sage plant...which is also where it got its fragrance. We started by combining the tropical tang of fresh chopped pineapple with the savory sweetness of sage, and then added in a dash of citrus to give it a refreshing finish. No 60 will take you out of your office job and plop you down in a Hawaiian oasis. With subtle hints of mint, amber and licorice, No 60 is sure to excite the senses and get them guessing!

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