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SIXTY | Lavender, Lemon & Bergamot

This summer fragrance is more than just a scent, it's a statement. Designed specifically for the discerning man, "Sixty" is a unique blend of lavender, lemon, and bergamot. Start your journey with the tranquil aroma of lavender. It sets a relaxed, easy-going tone, perfect for those summer days and nights. Then, take a turn into the invigorating, zesty world of lemon. It's the freshness you need to feel revitalized in the summer heat. Finally, step into the distinct, elegant aura of bergamot. This citrusy sophistication rounds off the scent, making Sixty an impeccable companion for the season. Welcome the summer with open arms and a standout fragrance - give Sixty a whirl. It's time to smell not just good, but unforgettable.

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