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Subscribing makes it easy to get your favorite Honor products delivered right to your door.

Auto-Fill Benefits

Save 12%

Get 12% off every order, from beard oil to beard butter.

Free + Fast Shipping

We pick up the tab when you sign up for any automatic refill.

Samples + Swag

Receive free products or Honor branded gear. Just because.

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Auto-fill FAQs

■ Can I really cancel anytime? Yes.
■ Can I skip a month? Yes.
■ Can I push back a shipment? Yes.
■ Can I change the frequency of my shipments? Yes.
■ Can I add or remove items anytime? Yes.

How do I manage my refills? You can manage your refills through your personalized account page. Once you login click "Manage Auto-Fill Info" under Account Details and you'll be able to manage items, add one-time purchases, adjust frequency and ship dates.

How do I cancel my refills? Easy as pie. You can cancel or pause your refills straight from your personalized member page. To cancel, simply remove all items from your schedule. Once complete, you'll receive a confirmation email that the refills have been canceled.